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Smart Parking System: infinite possibilities of creative solutions.

With the huge advancement of cities' construction and with the increasing of population that has led to the rise in the number of cars, the issue of finding parking areas in crowded places has become extremely difficult. Moreover, the expansion in the spaces specified for normal parking has led to the waste of large distances of lands, which were possible to be exploited in a better way. Therefore, the urgent need to come up with innovative solutions has been a result for all of the above. Here, the idea of creating smart parking appeared presenting marvelous solutions concerning the saving of time, space, and costs. The most distinguishing factor for this idea is

Space Preservation

With smart parking, your parking areas is expanded by up to 8 times. Imagine parking up to 16 cars in the space of approximately two cars and on a larger scale in a parking space of only 13 cars it compare up to 100 cars.

Environment Friendly

Smart parking is a green technology products, it minimizes the exhaust gases form cars trying to find a parking spot. The study has shown that cars on a minute parking scheme in about 6.3 tons per year carbon dioxide while many 39.5 times per year in a conventional parking.


Smart parking can be tailored to fit in your design. whatever the shape your parking space is, smart parking has the solution with unlimited layout options, it allows you to host as many cars you need with i n your intended area. when it comes to multiplicity and flexibility in design, smart parking has limitless options. whether to be established whith it;s conventional steel structure or have stayed in the art modern look, it is entirely up to you.

Security & Safety

With smart parking system no theft, no stolen belongings, no worries. Our smart parking system save your car from being dented by other drivers trying to park and also save your car against floodwaters.

Return On Investment ( ROI )

Smart parking system is not only offering smart parking solutions, it also could be a great source of revenue. Sweater standard fare collection system or a value type it is entirely up to the client. Also smart parking is a great space for advertisement, a standard LCD screen can be mounted on the system generating return on investment up to 800% / year.

Quick Installation process

Smart parking is not only a space preserving but also non time-consuming ports installation process. it takes only 5 days of work to get your smart parking machine interaction, starting with setting up the construction site, position in the base anchors in designated locations, unloading machinery components like body frames and pallets, assembling them together, mounting motor, putting the finishing touches and testing the system.

Why Choose Us?

SPS, is a company that designs, manufactures, and constructs fully automated and mechanical parking systems. This technology is designed to combat the growing problem of efficiently managing automobiles in areas where congestion, zoning and crime are problems and land is scarce and expensive.

Free Study

Some projects require feasibility concept studies before moving forward in a project and to find out if it is deemed feasible, profitable, and doable. SPS do this for you.

Possibility of future developments

development plan represents over 3 years of comprehensive examination which included a financial review, facility condition audits, a multiple accounts evaluation framework study to arrive at the current site being the preferred site for development.

Speed in installation and do civil works

-Manage the installation and maintenance of vending machines -Insure all equipment setting as per engineering design -Troubleshoot electrical and mechanical problem during commissioning and operation for all projects equipment and insure technical report is raised and given to project manager




Training staff to handle with parking machine

We have training team to intervene in emergency case and doing maintenance work in short time.

Competitive prices

The company has special strategy of pricing in order to satisfy all customers

24/7 Support

A dedicated team for maintenance Free technical advice and consultation during the Pre-Planning, Planning & Design stages Advice on regulatory compliance and current applicable legislation System drawings and installation Installation oversight & system commissioning After sales support Repairs and refurbishment service

SPS - Smart Parking Systems

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Below is a sampling of some of the testimonials we have received from existing clients. If you don’t find a company here that you were looking for or expecting, that’s because we don’t list the names of many of our most well-known clients, only a small selection. We have too many great testimonials to list below so feel free to contact us if you would like references from companies comparable to your business.


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Kalid Shbib

Its truly been a pleasure working with SPS, They are always available and answer any questions we have promptly. They did an excellent job setting up our Smart Parking and I would highly recommend them to others looking for a Smart Parking company.

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Mr. Kalifa

It was a dream working with Smart Parking Systems company. They always seemed to be three steps ahead of me, with patience, diligence and excellent punctuality. One of the best decisions of my career was to go with SPS.

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