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When the going gets tighter dependently stacked parking systems are offered. With the Parkbox 401 the lower car has to be removed to use the upper platform. Subject to headroom availability and inclined platform, the Parkbox enables doubling of parking space, without any need for a pit.

Single unit for 2 cars above each other.


  • car heights 150 cm - 170 cm corresponding to available headroom
  • platform width 220 cm and platform loading 2000 kg
  • doubled parking places in the available space
  • 1 driving level = 2 parking levels = cost savings
  • dependent parking
  • lower places for visitors, upper places for permanent users
  • ideal for car sharing, valet parking, car rentals, car service centers
  • low wear, proven hydraulic technology
  • low maintenance cost
  • low construction cost, can be fixed at given concrete floor
  • high level of operational and functional safety



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