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Puzzle Parking - 8 Level Puzzle Parking - 8 Level Puzzle Parking - 8 Level

Puzzle Parking - 8 Level

With the tried and tested principle of stacking and moving closer togehter, the new Puzzle System creates even more space. With up to 9 levels on top of each other and up to 5 grids next to each other, this system accommodates up to 31 parking spaces.

Vehicles are parked in parking levels with the aid of adjustable sliding carrier units. In every second grid, transport lifts ensure the lifting and lowering of vehicles. These grids also serve as the entrances and exits.


  • compact parking on up to 9 levels above ground
  • variable arragnement of 2-5 grids beside one another
  • for different car heights
  • platform loading up to 2600 kg
  • a combination of stacking and moving cars closer together
  • independent parking
  • cost-effective comb technology
  • high level of operating and functional safety
  • easy operation with transponder chip
  • also suitable for car service centres, car dealers, car rent


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