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Tower Parking System

Tower Parking System

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Working Principle
The vertical lifting tower parking system operates in the following ways:
1. For car parking, this equipment adopts lift engine(car platform sill) to lift the car or car pallet to the
specified level, then use the sliding mechanism that installed on the lift engine (car case) convey the
car or car pallet, heading for parking space;

2.For car retrieving, the sliding mechanism convey the specified car or car pallet to the elevating
channel, the lift engine(car platform sill) descend to the entry level, the rotation platform rotate to
make sure the forward of the car is outside, then the driver come into the garage to drive the car

The  vertical lifting tower parking system has the advantages of:
 1.This equipment usually put two cars per level, the plane and space utilization is highest in all type
parking systems;
2.This equipment has the advantages of high efficient car parking and retrieving, low noise and low
vibration, meet the requirement of urban environment protection;
 3.Intelligent control and perfect security, there's light guide when cars in/out the garage, car over
length monitor , speed limit protection and multiple mechanical interlock all guarantee the safety of
car and personnel;
4. Garage can be designed separately, even in interior of building. And can be arranged abreast with
several sets;
5. Frame structure can be adopted concrete or steel structure, with different choice and great
 6.Garage have the function of automatic rotary to turn around, can ensure the car goes in/out by front,
which is convenient driving in and out of the garage;
 7.Complete and reliable safety device, added the function of inspect the car length,width and height,
and can check-out if there's person in car, eradicate the potential risk of the equipment from the
technology aspect;
8. The operation is simple and we adopt friendly man-machine interface, such as touch screen. And all
the stoppages of the equipment will appear on the screen which is easy to maintenance;
9.PLC computer control and frequency control of motor speed, very convenient and efficient.

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