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The Maintenance Team (TMT) employs a full range of service technicians, eliminating many of the inefficiencies caused by using multiple service providers. With one phone call, TMT provides you with a 'single source' solution for commercial property maintenance, streamlining projects to maximize your time and money.

For companies with any size staff, we are a good resource for backup or we can eliminate the need to hire full time personnel when the workload won't justify the position. For triple net and flex users, TMT's number can be given to a tenant allowing the owner to feel assured that the issue will be handled with his or her best interest in mind.

Our team includes HVAC and general maintenance technicians, landscapers, electricians and plumbers who are ready to cover all of your commercial property maintenance needs including fire alarms, security systems and access controls.

At TMT, our goal is to deliver timely, cost effective, quality service when you need it. We want to make your job easier!



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