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1.The NT2 seriers parking lot system is the certificate for car entering and exiting parking lot which is based on a set of non-contact intelligent card,to distinguish the authority of car entering and exiting by reading IC or ID card, at the same time combined image comparison management, character superimposition, voice prompt, universal inquiring and print and many other advanced technology to be a multimedia management system car charges.

2.The system can be applied to small one in and one out car parking system as well as the large mode for multi in and out,the database is stored in background server,and use SQLServer 2000 as the database server, not only have the unique powerful data management function of the network database, but can offer the user more humanized interface which is easy to use, the users can check the car in and out information,charge information and all kinds of statistics charts in any terminal, can also print and output by any scope,any order, any specification, the report form used the hyper text, it will be convenient to convert the storage.(can be opened by IE,Word,Excel directly)   

3. Induction IC/ID card car parking management system can send IC/ID card as the certificate of car in and out parking lot, the image comparison function to monitor the in and out cars in the parking system, to deal with the in and out cars information by the stable communication and powerful database software.

4. The system combines the IC/ID card recognition and the high speed vedio image storage, to deal with and distinguish by the computer image, avoid stealling cars, and to gurantee the fairness and retionality of the charges, to manage car in and our all-around. It is also the suitable for the manage department of real estate to make parking lot management modernise, intelligent, and free from traffic jam and the miss of charges.

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